Friday, October 23, 2015

Mickey Monkey | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Mickey and Gang are on a river cruise thru the jungle so it just seemed fun to do a short that was an homage to particularly this Adventureland poster from 1955.

It was challenging, as I knew it would be. A poster like this one is well worked out compositionally and is a fixed image which you hold your gaze on. Therefore, the subject matter is center stage and the background can be very simple without feeling flat and unfinished.
So, The challenge was trying to achieve the look of a nice graphic poster within streaming layouts that didn't always adhere to the compositional parameters
i mentioned above

Below was the first layout and painting that I did to inform the designers and Painters of just how much we were going plagiarize!!!   I mean appropriate!!

Design and Paint  J .Holt

Design V. Ventura  Paint  C. Rozak

Design-Staff   Paint J Holt

Title Card   J. Holt